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Foto: Stefanie Krel
Foto: Stefanie Krel

... some words about me: 


i grew up with analog photography, my first camera was a pocketcam. my parents gave it to me to take photos on a school trip and since then, i am addicted! during my time on board cruise vessels, this dependence grew intensely. and there are times i do not feel complete without a camera in my hands.



i love to shoot while traveling but also people and company portraits are my faves. and if you have a special vehicle, motorcycle, car or maybe plane - i will look for a special angle to fix it in an artistic photo.


I worked more than 18 years for fliegermagazin, a magazin for private pilots and did learn practical flying in a pinch-hitter course. I enriched the magazine with my photos while shooting travel reports and airplanes on the ground & in the air. My photos can also be seen on several fliegermagazin-covers.


From march 2022, I will face new challenges in another job.





born on May 6th 1972 in Hamburg, Germany


apprenticeship in photography 1991 - 1994


photographer on cruise vessels 1995 - 1998


since 1999 freelance photographer next to employments at photolabs, advertising agencys and magazines/publishing houses


since 2003 working for fliegermagazin, a magazine for private pilots